02.12.2015 at 19:38

In early December, RASO Committee on Political Technologies (Russian Association on Public Relations)

In particular, the following experts took part in the meeting:

  • Michael Arno, Chief of Arno Political Consultants, is one of the leading political consultants in the USA and world, a participant of elections on five continents, expert on grassroots campaigns. He got Pollieaward (an Oscar in political technologies area) for the best grassroots campaign in 2007. He effectively combines his work in political consultancy with business structure activity support. At presents, Michael and his company is the strongest player in the USA in the sector of referendum organization at the level of municipalities and states.
  • Bernard Vitman one of the strategists in Democratic Party of the USA, consultant to Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg and a number of other politicians. He is a famous sociologist, expert on forecasting and influencing behavior of ‘hesitating’ voters.  He is an author of a book ‘52 reasons to vote for Obama’
  • Tony Sayee, a rising star of the Republican Party of the USA, is one of the best experts in electoral politics of the Republicans. He graduated from Georgetown University, and has got experience of working at parliament delegates office and local self-government. At present, he is one of the leading experts of Foxnews TV Channel.
  • The topic of the Committee closed meeting was ‘Elections in the USA on Hamburg Account: Strategies, Money, Technologies’. Next day, together with ISEPR Fund, a round-table discussion was held dedicated to the topic of ‘A Year Prior to USA President Elections: Analysis and Forecasts’.

Among Russian experts speaking at the round-table discussion, Julia Baskalova, Chief of research projects of VCIOM (topic of her report was ‘Newest Methods of Electoral Research and Forecasting in the USA’, Ekaterina Yegorova, ‘Niccolo M’ (‘Psychological Characteristics of Candidates into USA President’) and Yevgeny Minchenko, ‘Minchenko Consulting’ (‘Scenario Programming at USA President Elections’) were present.