The results of the RPRA Political Award Integrity Rating - 2016

23.12.2016 at 09:41

Russian Public Relations Association's political award RPRA Political Award Integrity Rating is awarded to politicians, political parties, political groups and candidates in Russia and abroad, who have demonstrated effectiveness, technology and creativity during the competitive political campaigns in compliance with democratic procedures.

Functions of the Organizing committee and the Jury of the Award are delegated to the Political Consulting Committee which is headed by the president of Communication Group “Minchenko Consulting” Evgeny Minchenko.

Under the terms of the award only the subjects of the political process can be assigned to the nominees, not political consultants.

Members of the Political consulting committee determine the winners by secret ballot online.

The Award was established and will be awarded in December 2016.

Nominations and winners 2016

  • The politician of the year:

V. Putin - for determining the political agenda in Russia and abroad

  • The best election campaign to the State Duma

The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. For the most vivid and creative election campaign

  • The best election campaign of the pro-government candidate to the State Duma

Two candidates have won in this category since received equal number of votes of the jury members:

A. Balyberdin (Nizhny Tagil single-member constituency № 171) – for the victory over the popular politician in the region – MP from “A Just Russia” party A. Burkov

D. Morozov (Cheryomushkinsky single-member constituency № 209) – for the victory of United Russia in one of the most opposition-minded Moscow’s constituency

  • The best election campaign of the opposition candidate to the State Duma

Nomination is also divided between two campaigns

Campaign by D. Parfenov (single-member constituency №200) - won over O. Mitvol (Green party) after the candidate of United Russia withdrew from an election, the gap between the candidates 3,2%

Campaign by A. Kurinny (Ulyanovsky single-member constituency №187) - the gap between the candidate of United Russia 0,3%

  • The best gubernatorial campaign:

A. Dyumin (Tula Region) - for the reference campaign of “a new face”

  • The best campaign of "the party of power" during the elections to the legislative assemblies of the subjects of the Russian Federation

United Russia’s campaign in the Kirov Region - for the campaign while the first person in the region is arrested

  • The best election campaign of the opposition party during the elections to the legislative assemblies of the subjects of the Russian Federation

The campaign of the political party "Rodina" in Tambov Region – the best result of the party during this election (8,82%)

  • “The cobbler always wears the best shoes” - for political consultants, who was elected this year

S. Tolmachev, was elected in single-mandate constituency to the legislative assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the competive elections

  • The special prize "For the best campaign of the opposition candidate for governor in 2012-2016 years"

The Governor of the Irkutsk region S.Levchenko who is a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. For the first victory of the opposition candidate after the return of gubernatorial election.

  • Anti-award. The failure of the Year in Russia

Party of Growth - for the failure of the liberal project with the highest potential for winning due to non-professional campaign

Nominations for foreign political campaigns

  • Foreign politician of the Year

Donald Trump. For the most unexpected victory

  • The best Foreign election campaign:

 The presidential campaign of the Republican Party candidate D. Trump in the US. For a vivid campaign with unexpected technological solutions in terms of superiority opponent resource

  • The best Foreign referendum campaign

«Leave» referendum campaign in the UK

Special nominations

  • The best media effect on the political situation in the world and individual countries

Breitbart - for contribution to the victory of D. Trump

  • Anti-award. The foreign failure of the Year

The presidential campaign of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the US

As a result of the processing of data about the nominees, the Committee identified a number of trends in requests from voters and modern political technologies, which directly affect the successful outcome of the campaign:

  • request for "the authenticity" of the candidate;
  • request for the closeness to the electorate, and personal contact with a politician rather than through the internet, social networks and the media;
  • willingness to "go to the end," even if the odds seem insignificant.


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