Days of PR-2015: Experts discussed the main election campaigns technologies at elections to the State Duma-2016

18.12.2015 at 18:06

Yesterday, Days of PR-2015 took place in Moscow. There was organized a discussion ‘the Future of Political Technologies in Russia’. Main topics for discussion included discontent of population with the ruling circles and populism growth based thereon. Participants also paid attention to the crisis broken out in research technologies.

The following experts took part in so much important topic from the standpoint of future elections to State Duma:

  • Yevgeny Minchenko, Chief of RASO Committee on Political Technologies, President of Minchenko Consulting Holding presenting a report ‘Main Tendencies in Political Technologies Market Development in Russia’;
  • Sergey Tolmachev, Chief of ASK Vertikal Company, Member of RASO Committee on Political Technologies presenting a report ‘ the Budget, Strategies and Tactics of the Campaign in a Single-Member Constituency in State Duma of the Russian Federation in 2015’
  • Mikhail Vinogradov, President of ‘Petersburg Politics’ Fund presenting report the ‘Parliament Elections as a Stress-Test of Political System of Russia’.
  • Ekaterina Yegorova, President of ‘Niccolo M’ presenting a report ‘Cannons or Butter: a Dilemma for Sending Massages at Elections in Single-Member Constituencies into State Duma in 2016’
  • Dmitry Gousev, Founder of Backster Group presenting a report ‘5 Traps for Campaigns into State Duma-2016’
  • Vyacheslav Smirnov, Director of Institute of Political Sociology, Member of RASO Committee on Political Technologies presenting a report ‘Non-Parliamentary Parties with a License and without thereof: Ways to Self-Actualization and Monetization’
  • Andrey Ponomarev, Political Technologist, Member of RASO Committee on Political Technologies presenting a report ‘Application of Modern Technologies in Election Campaigns’
  • Andrey Maksimov, Chief of Maksimov Consulting presenting a report ‘Political Mobile Applications’

Also, the following experts took part in the round-table discussion: Dmitry Badovsky, President of Board of ISEPR FUND (Institute of Social, Economic and Political Research), Valentin Bianki, Director of ‘Bianki and Partners’, Member of RASO Committee on Political Technologies, Viktor Poturemsky, Political Technologies, Member of RASO Committee on Political Technologies.

Experts concurred that Russian political technologies would meet the same problems to American ones in the nearest months. Now, many techniques to solve those can be borrowed from the Western colleagues and successfully implement in Russia. Thus, for example, ‘crisis’ sociology can be opposed with on-line polls and polls done by propaganda network, populism and opposition can be contrasted by counting on bright leaders and following populists in the Internet and mirroring their propaganda ways as it was explained by Yevgeniy Minchenko, President of Minchenko Consulting Holding. Another method from Democratic Party of the USA is to unity small election group according to principle ‘get together majority out numerous minorities’.

A second problem is related with the Internet communications. As stated by Andrey Maksimov, Chief of Maksimov Consulting, Russian politicians leg behind in this area so far. ‘Hilary has got four free friendly applications and several more free games for smart-phones with her participation. Moreover, there are seven charged applications that mainly her books and books about her. In this respect, Trump is a record-breaker in free application ‘for’ and ‘against’. Nevertheless, the most advances in personal PR is Zhyrinovsky in Russia.  His quotations are sold or provided for free downloading all application stores. And, Hinstein has got the best android pack with feedback. Best party package belongs to Yabloko. While Spravedlivaja Rossia does not have any mobile applications at all, only free collection of immortal e-books – pieces of S. Mironov. As for ONF (All-Russia People’s Front), their applications are sheer commands and repeats having no regional division according to territories which many users complain about’.

As an example, Mr Maksimov sited Hilary Clinton who has got 7 charged mobile applications, while in Russia only Aleksandr Hinstein, a State Duma Delegate, has got his own application.

A third problem is surprises form sociology. Ekaterina Yegorova, President of ‘Niccolo M’, says that the Russian face a dilemma – cannons or butter. Already today, 77% of the Russians admit they feel crisis, and, at that, 72% of citizens support the war with foreign state. The political technologist considers candidates should clearly estimate pressure of economic factors otherwise, results of voting will be unexpected.  

Andrey Tolmachev, General Director of Vertical Agency, calculated that and an average budget of an elective campaign in a single-member constituency would make RUB 100-150 mln. ‘I think it is highly risky to get down to a lesser budget, except for regions where everything is decided but even there turbulence is growing on’ Tolmachev provided comments.


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