Expanded round-table discussion of Committee on Political Technologies and ISEPR Fund took place dedicated to the topic: ‘A Year before USA President Elections: Analysis and Forecast’

02.12.2015 at 06:12

On the part of Russia, the following colleagues from ‘Niccolo M’ (Ekaterina Yegorova with a report ‘Sitting opposite Putin: Psychological Analysis of Candidates for USA President at Elections in 2016’) and VCIOM  (All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center) (Julia Baskalova spoke on elections in the USA from the point of view of a sociologist). Yevgeny Minchenko provided analysis of programming presidential campaign with establishing two largest parties.

Ekaterina Yegorova, PhD in Political Sciences, President of ‘Niccolo M’ says, ‘Unfortunately, Jeb Bush who could have become an effective, balanced and skilled president, most likely will not be nominated by the Republican Party. Being a meditative, well-educated and calm introvert, he does not suit well for election activities. He looks like his father rather than his brother, he could have become a worthy leader and foreign partner for many heads of states, including Mr. Putin. At his absence, easy cooperation with any of candidate elected should not be expected. And, unfortunately, quality of cooperation in most cases depends on quality of a common enemy.’


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