There took place a closed meeting titled – ‘Elections in the USA on Hamburg Account: Strategy, Money, Technology’

01.12.2015 at 06:18

American Political Technologist Michael Arno, Tony Sayee (Strategist of the Conservatives) and Bernard Vitman (Strategist of the Democrats) spoke on most effective current election technologies in the USA.

Bernard Vitman, Political Technologist, Strategist of the Democratic Party (USA):

There are three types of campaign, if simplified: structural, question and personal. Personal ones are easy to explain. For example, Donald Trump is a personality forming his campaign; his politically incorrect epatage is explained by his straightforwardness. Those being his fans tell about his honesty. Thus, it is Trump’s personality that attracts people to him and forms his campaign. But we should not be mistaken here: he sophisticatedly manipulated with certain issues, and he knows for sure that many American citizens are irreconcilable about him’.


23 марта

Круглый стол "Год до выборов президента России"

23 марта в отеле "Метрополь" Комитет по политическим технологиям РАСО провел круглый стол на тему "Год до выборов президента России"
02 декабря

Комитет РАСО по политтехнологиям провел ряд мероприятий с участием ведущих американских политтехнологов

В начале декабря Комитет по политическим технологиям РАСО (Российской Ассоциации по связям с общественностью) провел серию мероприятий с участием ведущих американских политтехнологов.